The first five songs are 1 minute wav file short samples of my favorite original music.
Click on the song description and select OPEN the file after download.
The samples are short because large WAV files take a while to download.
All instruments were played on a KORG O1/W-FD Keyboard Music Workstation.

Dueling Guitars

Ridin the Highway


Free Flow

Orchestra Warmup

The following full songs use the MP3 audio compression format to reduce download time.
I play all intruments not limited to the Korg and sing (no laughing) plus
a guest singer, Bill Booty, sings in the Crunch song.

Nick and Crunch

Young and Free

Last Piano Song

Migaila (dedicated to my mom)

Hammond Love (dedicated to my dad who taught me to play the piano)

Doug Witt on Guitar (this guy is fantastic)

Showcase Drums & Percussion (2 song package)

Note: All songs on this page are protected under US Copywrite laws.