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Sports Fantasy Leagues offers many features that all or most other fantasy NASCAR racing leagues do not offer. We want your Fantasy Racing experience to be fun, challenging, and rewarding so you'll keep playing year after year and enjoy your Fantasy NASCAR Racing Career as much as possible. To this end, we offer Career Statistics, League History data, Guaranteed Cash Prizes with many ways to win, beautiful Trophies, Live Scoring, and small league sizes.

Full 36 Race League
Our Fantasy Racing leagues are based on the full 36 race NASCAR Cup Racing schedule. Each of the 36 points races that NASCAR Cup teams run add points to your fantasy racing team towards a League Championship. Additionally, we offer two Mini-Championship points races that accumulate points for selected races in the first half of the season and in the second half of the season. All teams are always entered into all of these Championship points races providing additional ways to win cash prizes.

Career Statistics
We track your fantasy racing career statistics from year to year allowing you to accumulate statistics such as the number of Years Raced, Career Winnings, Wins, Top 5 Finishes, Championships Won, and several other team performance statistics.

You can easily compare your fantasy NASCAR racing team to other teams by sorting any of the career statistics by the highest to lowest or lowest to highest values.

Your Fantasy Racing Career Statistics are automatically updated at the end of each season you play.

League History Data
We save the final results of each fantasy racing league every year so that you can review these results any time you want. You can show your friends and family how you did in the fantasy racing league any year and use this data to review how your fantasy NASCAR racing team has been performing each year.

Many ways to win Cash Prizes
We offer many ways to win cash prizes. We give cash prizes for weekly results, for the season ending points standings, for two different mini-Championship points races, for Rookie of the year, for the Highest Points in a Week, for the Most Top 10 Finishes, for the Most Top 5 Finishes, and for the Most Wins.

Our prize package is designed to spread the winnings around the league so that every team owner gets many chances to win cash prizes.

Guaranteed Cash Prizes
Our Fantasy Racing League Cash Prize package is guaranteed for each league we run. Unlike many other Fantasy Racing Leagues we do not base our cash prizes on the number of fantasy teams running in the league. Our Cash Prizes are published well in advance of the start of each season and we guarantee these prizes. We payout all prizes by sending you a check within one week after the season ends.

Beautiful Trophies
At the end of each year the League Champion wins a beautiful giant 4 column trophy with their name, team name, and year inscribed on the trophy. We let the Champion choose the color of the Trophy each year. The highest finishing Rookie team wins the Rookie of the Year Award and wins a beautiful Trophy to commemorate this achievement.

The teams finishing in second, third, fourth, and fifth in the points standings also win beautiful Trophies. We also award MVP trophies to those teams who did not finish high up in the points standings but tried their best in all of the 36 NASCAR races.

Live League Scoring
We offer Live Scoring during every NASCAR points race. This very exciting feature shows you how your fantasy NASCAR race team is running in the race lap by lap. It also shows you the selected drivers on all the fantasy race teams in your league so that you can see which drivers need to do better and which need to do worse to help improve your position in the race. This adds to the excitement by showing you which NASCAR drivers in the race you may want to experience problems and finish poorly in the race to help you move up to the lead position or help you protect your lead.

Our live scoring page also shows you how your present position in the race is effecting your position in the points standings. You can see if your fantasy race team and the other fantasy race teams in your league are moving up or down in the points standings. This adds to the excitement as you can clearly see which teams you want to route against to help you move up in the points.

Timely League Results Updates
Weekly updates are provide within 15 minutes after the conclusion of each NASCAR points race. These updates show the race results for the league, the updated Championship and Rookie of the Year points standings, the mini-Championship points Standings and the updated team statistics for the current year.

Small League Sizes
Unlike many other fantasy race leagues that make you compete against as many as 3000 teams or more in a league, our format is designed to increase your chances to win by limiting our league sizes to no more than 100 teams per league. History shows that 50 per cent of the fantasy race teams in each league will not be competitive in every race so this means you are really only competing against about 50 teams for the Championship. This closely resembles the NASCAR format of only allowing 43 cars entered in each race and greatly enhances your chances to win.

Sports Fantasy Leagues Message Forum
We also provide a Forum for all our team owners to post information about race results, racecar drivers, their fantasy race team and their performance. Many of our team owners add to the fun by using this forum to congratulate our weekly winners, tease the losers in good fun, and to publish Press Conferences about changes they are making to their fantasy NASCAR team such as changing the driver, or crew chief, or car make.

This forum is password protected to keep out the Spam and is monitored to keep it family friendly.

Integrated Team Operations Pages
Each team owner gets their own private integrated fantasy team operations pages to manage their team. These pages are where you set up your team for each race and manage your fantasy racing budget. Changes you make to your team each week are not published until after the trade deadline when no other team changes can be made. This prevents other team owners from copying your racing strategies.

After the trade deadline and before the start of each race we publish the drivers selected on each fantasy team in your league. This insures you that nobody can cheat in the league and adds to the fun so that you can see what NASCAR drivers your competition has on their team so that you can know what NASCAR drivers need to finish well and which need to finish poorly for your fantasy NASCAR race team to finish well in each race.

Sports Fantasy Leagues Racing Challenge leagues are better!
No other Fantasy Racing league combines all of the features listed above. Our leagues were designed by Fantasy Team Owners to combine the best possible league features to insure you enjoy a very exciting fun filled competitive fantasy NASCAR racing experience. So please join our league and rack up your career statistics year after year and see for yourself why our team owners say Sports Fantasy Leagues offers the best Fantasy Racing League format in the country.

Register to play to join the Fantasy Racing League YOU have been looking for!

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