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Welcome to Sports Fantasy Leagues

Founded in 1999 presenting exciting NFL Football and NASCAR Racing Leagues!

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Sports Fantasy Leagues is committed to bringing you exciting sports fantasy leagues that are designed to provide lots of fun and great chances for everybody to be a winner. Our leagues provide many ways for you to WIN CASH PRIZES. Win cash prizes each week as you earn points toward the season ending Championship that pays even bigger cash prizes and beautiful trophies. Cash prizes are also awarded for Most Wins, Most Top 5 Weekly Finishes, Most Top 10 Weekly Finishes, Highest Points in a Week, and for the Rookie of the year. See what our team owners have to say about our leagues.

Sports Fantasy Leagues specializes in running Football (NFL) and Auto Racing (NASCAR) leagues, and Golf (PGA) leagues and many of our team owners claim we are the best in the nation and we think so too. What makes Sports Fantasy Leagues the best? It could be our small league sizes giving you great chances to win each week or our Live League Scoring that is so exciting during all Football games and Cup races. It could be our great cash prizes that can be won many different ways or the beautiful trophies you can win.

Sports Fantasy League News:

Last updated on January 30th, 2017

Registration for the 2017 SFL500 Racing Challenge League based on the full NASCAR Sprint Cup season will open in 1 week. Please check out our Prizes/fees page and come back in 1 week to REGISTER to play in what our team owners agree is the most exciting Fantasy Racing League in the country. Due to the recent rules changes by NASCAR we may not be able to provide Live scoring this year and we will run the league based on the 2016 NASCAR Points schedule with no lap leader points.
Sports Fantasy Leagues may offer the best Fantasy NASCAR Racing and Fantasy NFL Football leagues because of our simplified league format and your own integrated team operations page that makes it so easy to manage your teams. It could be our Career Statistics Tracking feature where we track 13 different statistics for you from year to year as you accumulate Cash Prizes, Wins, Top 5 Finishes, Championships and much more. Maybe it's our Message Forum where team owners go to tease their competition and congratulate our winners. Maybe it our excellent customer support always available to answer any questions and provide any assistance you need. Or is it our over 17 year history of bringing you reliable league competition without missing a beat awarding over $292,000.00 in cash prizes to our Team Owners since 1999? We think all of the above combine to make Sports Fantasy Leagues the best in the nation! Please try our leagues and you will not be disappointed. Please note that our Football leagues are currently suspended.

All of our leagues feature small league sizes where you accumulate points toward a league Championship. The top twelve finishers in each league win Championship CASH PRIZES and beautiful TROPHIES (shown at the bottom of this page) are awarded to the top 5 finishers. Several MVP trophies are awarded each year in addition to the Rookie of the Year cash award and Trophy.

Also, weekly cash prizes are awarded to the top SEVEN weekly finishers. PLUS special season ending cash prize awards are provided to the team with the most weekly wins, the most top five weekly finishes, and the team that scores the most amount of points in any one week.

League Statistics are updated and posted weekly to display the Championship points standings, weekly results, Most Wins, Most top 5 Finishes, Bonus Program standings, and other league statistics. The Operations page will inform you of the latest league results, trade deadlines, and other important league announcements. We maintain a League History database that you can view at any time to see how you and other teams have performed in each year. We also track your Career Team Statistics from year to year which is published for all teams so you can view your accumulated team career statistics and records and compare them to the other Teams.

Sports Fantasy Leagues provides Live League Scoring WHEN AVAILABLE during league events to give team owners the ability to view the current week's results ... in real time ... so you can monitor your fantasy team's performance, and the performance of your competitors, as your favorite sports events are unfolding. For example, in the NASCAR league, you can see where all SFL teams would place for the week at any given point during the race by simply viewing the Live League Scoring page as the race is progressing! Live League Scoring is NOT a guaranteed feature because we are dependant upon other companies to secure the raw scoring data needed to produce the live soring pages. Due to the recent NASCAR changes we do not expect to provide live scoring in 2017.

We have a password protected Message Forum to allow our competitors to communicate with each other. This adds to the fun by providing a medium to get friendly with your competitors so you can congratulate their victories and/or tease their defeats. Team owners can participate in Surveys about related sports topics and league operations as we strive to make our leagues more fun, more exciting, and more challenging. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

All our leagues follow the same basic format. We want ALL our team owners to be winners and we strive to make Sports Fantasy Leagues better each year. Please try our leagues and we are certain you will agree with many of our Team Owners who believe Sports Fantasy Leagues offer the best Fantasy Leagues in the world. It's exciting, it's realistic, it's competitive, and the fun is no fantasy at Sports Fantasy Leagues!



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